Game of Thrones GOTBOT

Considered the world's second biggest fan base of Game of Thrones, Brazilian fans were gifted with an exclusive chatbot so they can prove their knowledge about the HBO acclaimed series. Just days before the Season 7 launch, the chatbot invited fans to heat up for the new series answering to questions that got harder and harder during the game. As they would getting patents and higher levels inside the houses they've chosen to be part of, they could share their progress with friends on Facebook.

You can play it here:

Patents: Stark
Illustration work by Igor Berck

Patents: Targaryen
Illustration work by Igor Berck

Patents: Lannister
Illustration work by Igor Berck

Patents: Night's Watch
Illustration work by Igor Berck

Map of active users
Illustration work by Igor Berck

... and the results — 2 days before the premiere + overall reach
Crafted by Crane

Thiago Baron, Igor Berck, Nelson Balaban, Henrique Porto, Rodrigo Taira, Bruno Dias, Vanessa Gonzalez, Thais Braid, Ana Luiza Bueno, Augusto Leme, Marina Van Roost, Fernando Bartolo

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